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Can you tell me a little bit about how the band got together? Did any of you have a history of playing together before coming together as Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor?

Sean: All three of us played together as a band under the name SikSik Nation for about three years. We released an EP in 2006 and full length in the spring of 2008. Currently we have taken on a new identity. We really feel that the direction of the project has drastically changed over the last three years and it was time for a name change and a new full length.

What was your thought process when deciding to make your self-titled album available for free download?

Sean: Nobody makes money selling records. You are lucky if you manage to break even. We are far more interested in having as many people hear our music as possible. We never want money to be a barrier between us and a potential fan or critic.

Nobody makes money selling records.
We never want money to be a barrier between us and a potential fan or critic.

One of the most striking songs on the album is the lead-off number, “Lord Is My Gun.” It’s stunningly catchy, and prepares the listener nicely for the massive walls of hooks that crash-land throughout the album. What can you tell me about this track? Did the music come before the lyrics – and if so, is that common with your songs thus far? Is the declaration, “With God as my witness, the Lord is my gun” a threat, or an affirmation statement?

Sean: I think the guitar part came first and then shortly after came the lyrics, which can and cannot be typical of our song writing. Some songs have been written for a year or so and don’t get the final lyrics until a few days before we record the vocals. The line doesn’t necessarily refer to a threat or affirmation but alludes to the imminent urban decay.

Eric: Actually it was the bass line that came first. : )

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