This years Echo Fest is going to be epic. Two stages crammed into the Lager House. Friday August 5th

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor, Pewter Cub, FUR, Oblisk, Rabble Rabble, Haunted Leather, Bad IndiansFacebook Event

Doubling your pleasure August 5th is the second annual Echo Fest, a showcase of Detroit’s best psych bands. This year’s show will have twice the number of acts, two stages, and live visuals. The show’s headliners and organizers, Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor have also designed a appropriately trippy, screen-printed poster for the event. Echo Fest II begins at 9:00 PM on Aug. 5 at the Lager House. Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor, FUR, Oblisk, Bad Indians, Pewter Cub, Rabble Rabble, and Haunted Leather will play.

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