Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor from Detroit, Michigan took the stage first, and delivered a set clearly inspired by 1960’s and 1970’s psyche rock. The trio’s material fused poetically grim lyrics, repetitive riffs and spooky keyboard, with outbreaks of consciousness-expanding experimental feedback.

From Pancakes and Whiskey, written by Jenna Pinch, October 13, 2014

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor & more – Indiana’s Brass Rail

It is tempting to say SOYSV (Sean Morrow – guitar / vocals, Eric Oppitz – bass / organ, Richard Sawoscinski – drums) sound like Pink Floyd got their peanut butter on the Doors’ chocolate to make a great new treat, but that does SOYSV a bit of a disservice. They sound like three guys (who are quite nice, by the way) who love not only psychedelic rock but swampy blues and surf rock as well.

From Outlaw Magazine, written by Nik Havert, April 27, 2013

Milwaukee Psych Fest delivers variations on a tripped-out theme

The songs themselves were structurally simple, but the trio excelled at crafting intuitive swells of equilateral tension—spacey to be sure, but a bit heavier and more ferocious than the rest of the night’s performers.

From A.V. Club, Milwaukee, written by Cal Roach, April 22, 2013

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapors – Cactus Club, Milwaukee – April 20, 2103

I was there Saturday night to see Detroit’s Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapors. Taking the sparsely lit stage, complete with special effects; courtesy of someone placing and manipulating gels on grade school overhead projectors, they had complete command.

From MOTORCITYBLOG, written by Made in Milwaukee, April 21, 2013

Holy…Sister…Heaven’s…Drugs…Oh my!

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor are a drone psych outfit out of Detroit. Yep, the Rock City itself. I had a chance to peruse their album Spectra Spirit and all I have to say is “Yes!” SoYSV are a much darker bunch. As I listened to Spectra Spirit I couldn’t help but picture some sort of ‘Frankenstein Musical Monster’ version of Suicide and The Doors.

From WCYT, The Point 91FM, written by E.A. Poorman, April 4, 2013

Permanent Records Update 11.26.12 (Review)

Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor are hypnotic without falling into any trappings of going too far down the rabbit hole, just infectious catchy mid-tempo psych-tinged desert rock that leads the listener on a head in the clouds excursion of sound. These spaced out dirty bluejeans blues often give way to ecstatic fuzz-laden walls of crackle urging one to turn up the volume as these waves of glorious sonics will most definitely infuse your soul with the Spectra Spirit. Super Recommended.

From Permanent Records – The Blog, November 26, 2012

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor – Spectra Spirit

The second album by this Detroit outfit, Spectra Spirit is a moody dark psych opus with excellent use of drones, buzzing, multilayered, textural guitars, creepy sounding organs and in Sean Morrow, a confident vocalist who is a prime distillation of Jim Morrison and Ian Astbury, without the melodrama of the former or the grandiose nature of the latter.

From The Active Listener (New Zealand), June 26, 2012

Free For All: Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor

Y’all know how I feel about the intoxication that a good dose of psych rock can provide. But hows about when you can get a heady shot of Motor City heavy psych FOR FREE? Yes, an entire LP of dark Detroit psych can be yours, courtesy the dastardly dream weavers known as Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor.

From Fuzzy Logic, written by Megan, June 6, 2012

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor, White Hills, and Sleepy Sun on 4/19 at The Magic Stick

The singer sounds a lot like Kim Salmon and a bit like Nike (sic) Cave. His playful and yet shy, quixotic stage presence is enticing. You can hear the influence of The Scientists and The Fall.

From MOTORCITYBLOG, written by Gwen Joy, April 20, 2012


Cabe aqui um comentário curioso sobre o Spectra Spirit. É o relato de meu brother Robson, uma das mentes por detrás do The Concept. Robson foi um dos que adentraram de cabeça nas viagens lascivas do SOYSV e passou suas férias praianas de final de ano sob o sol escaldante de nosso litoral, literalmente fritando sob a trilha sonora de Spectra Spirit (local inusitado pra psicodelia dark e ruidosa dos caras). Segundo meu querido Robson, a experiência psicotrópica do SOYSV aplicada em nossas praias pode ter um resultado altamente produtivo pra expansão da mente e derivações.

From FLOGA-SE, written by Renato Malizia (Brazil), February 7, 2012

Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor, « Spectra Spirit »: Le spectre et l’esprit

Du drone en forme d’onde, heurté et tournoyant, à l’écho de la guitare de Sean Morrow qui va se répercuter et se cogner partout dans la stéréo caverneuse au point d’en devenir une signature (Untitled, Center Of A Velvet Room), le trio parvient avec peu de choses à insuffler des ambiances claustrophobes et oppressantes. Quand la perception se tord comme sous l’effet d’une insolation, au son brûlant d’une guitare distordue.

From Rock Times, written by Flavien Giraud (France), January 31, 2012

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor – Spectra Spirit – 7,7/10 – Gratuit

Un petit regard sur le palmarès de leur prestations scéniques rendent encore moins utile une analyse morceau par morceau au vu des groupes accompagnés : Dead Meadow, Black Angels, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Duke Spirit, Spindrift, entendez l’élite du psych rock généralement réunie à la Psychfest d’Austin.

From Little Reviews (France), January 27, 2012

This Weekend, Last Month, Next Month: Cass McCombs, Jet Rodriguez, Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor

This is a psych-band unafraid to be a pure psych-band, not trying to dress it up with gimmicks or overly-heady conceptual compositions; if they wanna churn out a dreamy/nightmarish drone that swirls for minutes-on-end, then they’re gonna follow it… …a pure kind of contemplative, drift-and-dirgey rock/blues trip.

From Metro Times, written by Jeff Milo, January 26, 2012

Το Rocking.gr προτείνει: «Υπόγειες» κυκλοφορίες του 2011

Ένας Jim Morrison στα πιο νεκρώσιμά του τραγουδάει μέσα από μία σπηλιά και οι Black Angels τον συνοδεύουν σε φευγάτες συνθέσεις βουτηγμένες στη fuzz-αριστή κιθάρα, το fuzz-αριστό μπάσο, τα fuzz-αριστά πλήκτρα (ναι, διάολε, μέχρι και τα τύμπανα ακούγονται μέσα στο fuzz!).

From Rocking.gr, written by Κώστας Σακκαλής (Greece), January 18, 2012

Spectra Spirit on “Best of 2011” Lists

The Best Albums of 2011 (The Blog That Celebrates Itself (BR), 12/7/2011)
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BRAIN BUZZIN’ BEST OF 2011 (Trip Inside This House, 1/25/2012)
тянитолкай (топ поп-музыки за 2011) (свежевспаханное лимонное сакэ (RU), 1/29/2012)
CDB 2011 définitif (Le Classement des blogueurs (FR), 2/9/2012)
Acid Taking & Sweet Love Making (F.o.D.-esque (GR), as chosen by Jan Duke De Louben, 3/4/2012)

Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor – Spectra Spirit

Por isso as nove canções do disco são lentas, comandadas pela voz de Sean à Jim Morrison e por guitarras carregadas nos efeitos. O baixo bem pronunciado ajuda ainda mais a ditar esse ritmo carregado e denso. Há aqui a força do blues e da soul numa mistura bem dosada de Doors, Spacemen 3, Pink Floyd e Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

From Man on the Moon (Portugal), December 09, 2011

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor, Spectra Spirit: Riders on the Lion’s Roar

There is some genre straddling that will be familiar to inducted psych heads, but Spectra Spirit is not without its depth as well, and the nuances that come out on repeat listens make the album worth investigating…

From The Obelisk, December 08, 2011

Screen Vinyl Image & Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor

Review of our Nov. 21, 2011 set at The Galaxy Hut with Screen Vinyl Image.

Suspense built as echoes of ghostly reverb howled, and it would have been fitting for a curtain to lift as Sisters Of Your Sunshine vapor emerged from the fog. Bass matched the guitar in the effects game, creating a wash of cosmic echoes, while gritty vocals rolled around in the dirty riffs bringing it all back down to earth.

From Error-Vizion, December 07, 2011

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor’s spacey ‘Spectra Spirit’

4 out of 5 stars.

From the Eastern-tinged opener “Untitled” followed by the slithering, doomy “Black Mind” to the meditative “The Hole in Your Brain” and the salacious three-chord garage stomp of “Live in My Mind,” Spectra Spirit showcases a talented young band with fresh skills, ideas and the ability to execute them exceedingly well.

From Christopher Chrobak, Grand Rapids Music Examiner — Examiner.com, December 01, 2011

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor – “Spectra Spirit” (2011)

Το Spectra Spirit κυκλοφόρησε στις 11 Νοεμβρίου από την τοπική New Fortune Records … και πραγματικά έρχεται να ολοκληρώσει ό,τι είχε ξεκινήσει το ντεμπούτο άλμπουμ τους. Μόνη διαφορά ότι είναι ακόμη πιο σκοτεινό και η ατμόσφαιρα που αποπνέει πιο αγχωτική.

From alternative rock & indie music (Greece), November 29, 2011

SikSik Nation – Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor or how evolve from Garage to Psych

Counter to those who think that bands only offer their albums for free because they are not confident in their product. I Assure that these records sounds fucking better than a lot we have ever paid, you will see that each song deserving of more than just a listen.

From We Are the Last Beatniks (Argentina), November 22, 2011

Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor – Spectra Spirit (2011)

Há aqui as forças do blues, do soul (nos vocais), do garage, tudo condensado e movido a efeitos de psicotrópicos, gerando rock sombrio e muito psicodélico, numa mistura bem dosada de Doors, Spacemen 3, Pink Floyd e Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.


From Pequenos Clássicos Perdidos (Brazil), November 18, 2011

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor – Spectra Spirit

Heavy psych with a little southern soul, and certainly a step up from their self-titled record we posted a while back.

From Ongakubaka, November 14, 2011


If nothing more, Spectra Spirit works for us as a crashing confirmation of the howling, heavy sound that first drew us to this infectious Vapor. But the album is something more – its ferocity more focused, its chakras more aligned, its slithering, sin-with-a-grin, serpentine-shake more singular, yet no less sinister.

From Revolt of the Apes, November 14, 2011

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor :: Spectra Spirit

SOYSV have a firm grip on where they are going and where they want to go. Where that is exactly is part of the appeal, part of what you can’t get your hands on.

From Mr. Atavist, November 09, 2011

Feature: Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor want to psych you out

Spectra Spirit essentially continues where the first one ends. But, the mood’s considerably darker and the atmosphere is more anxious, even murky. … Psychedelic albums are supposed to be a bit exploratory and drug fueled by default — you know, the sound of exploring your senses in the deepest possible way — but, in places, Spectra Spirit just reeks of it.

From Metro Times, November 09, 2011

-valis Pick of the Week

The new album finds our heroes in full-on swagger and menace mode, disposing of the incense and lava lamps for the wafts of a hookah and bonfires. They’re neither here to mess around nor waste your time. Highest recommend.

You can also hear an exclusive mix of “Hole in Your Brain” on the Trip Inside This House Summer Solstice Vol. IV compilation.

From Trip Inside This House, November 08, 2011

Magnet, Mangum, Gun Lake – and Spectra Spirit

-still present is their penchant for utilizing the full range of timbre from their guitars, dazzling cascades of electric growls, varying caustic and mellifluous, spurred by pedals that loop riffs upon themselves or sometimes in reverse, while the rhythms trounce along sensibly, facilitating the necessary spooky, seancey marches (“Center of a Velvet Room”) or more tumbling, wavy grooves (“Live In My Mind”).

From Deep Cutz [[Uncutz]], November 08, 2011

Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor – Spectra Spirit (2011)

The album features nine tracks of dark, mellow, fuzzy, sometimes heavy, aggressive in a way, bluesy psych rock. Hell of description, don’t you think?

From Stoned Sun Vibrations (Greece), November 08, 2011

Going Down in Style or Album Review: Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor – Spectra Spirit

2 years before Charles Manson made everyone’s trip go bad, the Velvet Underground released The Velvet Underground and Nico. If time is an illusion, V.U. might have run into Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor while they were bumping around those dark spirit places. Their sophomore album, Spectra Spirit, is a gritty, dark, and beautiful volume of psychedelic rock that surpasses their eponymous debut.

From Motor City Rocks, November 07, 2011

City Slang: Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor at the UDetroit Café

…Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor is a fascinating, psychedelic, melodic and passionate band, and there can’t ever be enough of those.

From The Metro Times Music Blahg, July 29, 2011

Live Review: Black Angels w/Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor and Suuns. Saturday, Apr. 16 at the Magic Stick

Sisters are among Detroit’s finest psychedelic bands. Taking cues from Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd (allusions to “Astronomy Domine” and “Interstellar Overdrive” abound) and the more morose Doors tunes, Sisters craft mostly dark, desperate and introspective sounds. They’re masters of art of slow-burn songwriting.

From The Metro Times Music Blahg, April 17, 2011

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor


From the 独房, April 14, 2011

Live Review: High Dials w/Oblisk and Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor. Friday, Jan. 14 at the Magic Stick Lounge

Their’s were closer to movements than to songs as each built upon itself slowly until the sound collapsed into chaos — this wild jubilee of seething noise.

From The Metro Times Music Blahg, January 15, 2011

MT Music Blog Interview: Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor’s Sean Morrow

They’re bouncy enough to shake your ass to but abstract and loose enough to use for armchair space exploration.

From The Metro Times Music Blahg, November 16, 2010

Call the Doctor with Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor – An Interview

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor te jogam doses cavalares de space rock, noise e psicodelia, daqueles albuns para se ouvir no talo sem tempo para respirar, e como o TBTCI bebe na mesma fonte fechamos um laço de prediletos da casa junto ao SOYSV

From The Blog That Celebrates Itself (Brazil), September 06, 2010

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor: Live at KDHX 8/6/10

If the members of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and the Black Angels hooked up to make a record then it might sound something like Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor.

From FM 88.1 KDHX – St. Louis, MO, August 06, 2010

Interview: Echo Fest – Saturday at the Lager House

If your music could say one thing to people, what would it be?

“There are no wrong notes.”

From Motor City Rocks, July 16, 2010

Hot Damn Jammz 53: Refinance Your Credit Score for a Flat Tummy and Perfect Celebrity Hair Loss

The smoky, psychedelic soundtrack to the strangest road trip you’ll never go on.

From The Allmusic Blog, May 07, 2010

Austin Psych Fest Preview: Vapor-back Writers

There’s really no excuse for not hearing the debut album from Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor – unless you simply don’t have access to an internet connection (so, how are you reading this?). Or maybe you’re simply deaf – if that’s the case, our most sincere apologies.

But perhaps it’s that you simply don’t care for loud, infectious, riff-driven psych rock, the kind that howls, feeds back, throws punches, and oozes from all corners of the full, self-titled album this Detroit-based trio have made available for download – for free download – at their website. Now if that’s the case … there’s really not a whole lot we can do for you, is there?

From The Austinist, March 31, 2010

God Is My Witness

Osiem kawałków zgromadzonych na ostatniej płycie grupy to mroczna jazda dla koneserów. Nie ma tu miejsca na jakieś pieprzenie i zabawy w popisy muzyczne. Jest to co tygrysy lubią najbardziej: mrok, przestrzeń, czad i psychodelia, duuuużo psychodelii.

From Sunday at Devil Dirt (Poland), March 09, 2010

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor (USA 2009) (Review)

And just like you’d expect from a psych-rock-trio from Detroit, Michigan, there is no sunshine pop to be found here. It’s all dark – those guys are serious – and noisy with lots of reverb, and they are VERY psychedelic.

From Homemade Lofi Psych (Germany), March 06, 2010

Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor “Self Titled” (2009)

Trio baseado em Detroit que de forma magistral abusa da lisergia em suas canções altamente psicodélicas com influências garage, blues, glam e guitarras sujas cheias de efeitos neste seu debut lançado ano passado.

From Sussurros e Escarros (Brazil), February 24, 2010

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor – S/T (Review)

If you dig The Black Angels and Spacemen 3, do yourself a favor and check these guys out. Easily one of the best bands the Detroit area has to offer.

From Ongakubaka, February 24, 2010

Review: Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor – Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor

As well as having a fabulous name, Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor brand themselves as “Detroit based neo-psychedelic glam rock”. These qualities are hard to ignore and their self-titled debut generally doesn’t disappoint.

From The Weblog of Leonard’s Lair, February 21, 2010

Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor: album review and interview

…this Detroit band’s self-titled album is seriously deserving of more than just a listen or two. It is one of those albums where, the more you listen, the more you hear, and the more you are absorbed, and the more you are amazed.

From Dirty Sexy Karma, February 2, 2010

Introducing Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor

Simply awesome, one of the best bands I’ve ever heard. Highly recommended.

From Local Vertical, January 16, 2010

Holo-Hagiography January, 2010 Edition

DAMN! This thing comes roaring outta’ the gates like a new Cerberus birthed. It does NOT let up either. A definite future “-valis Pick of the Week” on the radio show sure to singe ears, warp minds, and cause general euphoria and “holy sh__!” in many a home and hearth…

Site author -valis also named our self-titled album as one of his top-ten albums of 2009 in his Brain Buzzin’ Best of, 2009 Edition post!

From Trip Inside This House, January 15, 2010

C.D. Singles Club #61 – Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor – Lord Is My Gun (Review)

One does not go lightly into a Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor listening session. Nay, one boldly ruminates their way into those headphones, after putting on a black t-shirt and a scowl like molasses. And assuming one goes in like such, one will emerge 36.2 minutes later, the length of their recent self-titled album, soul-cleansed from a dip in the spiritual firewater of rock.

From Citizen Dick, January 13, 2010

Detroit band Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor offers free download of album (Review)

It’s a compelling collection of taut, menacing music that fairly crackles with dark tension.

From Listen, Dammit., January 05, 2010

Fuzz, buzz and booze with Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor

Detroit’s Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor break with the traditional blue-collar grit of Detroit’s musical history to offer a socially-conscious mindset not unlike the city’s historical musical message, but quite unlike the Motor City’s traditional musical ambiance.

Try to imagine the energy of the MC5 with the attitude of the Velvet Underground. But drunker and in outer space.

From Smile Politely, December 11, 2009

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor: Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor

Although it’s garnished with plenty of studio effects and guitar noodling, the songs never abandon their organic quality; in other words, unlike most every other heavy-hitter in this genre, the material doesn’t slip into some kind of super-spacey cosmic jamming.

From Metro Times, October 21, 2009

Ear Candy – Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor (****)

This album is dizzying with its howling guitars and vocals, and it captures that stretched and blown apart haunted aura of banshee tones and head-swimming echoes — covering that strung-out vibe of space rock — but it is constantly pushed and spun by the inescapable groove, locked in by the bass and drums.

From Real Detroit Weekly, October 14, 2009

Review: Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor

All these austere vocal incantations, disorienting guitar roars, and wanderlust-inducing rhythms that relentlessly drive and push – makes it feel post-apocalyptic, but in a more cerebral, dream-like manner, something similar to the way A Place To Bury Strangers debut felt – Not so much foreboding, but cathartic, not repellently ominous, but, something close to ethereal – inter-dimensional in that space rock way – yet spackled by the dirt and grime of the physical plain – thus the humanism of blues and the wild way of traditional rock n roll.

From Deep Cutz – [[Uncutz]], October 13, 2009

October 13, 2009: Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor (Review)

Moodiness abounds, and it’s the variety that feels dangerous and cool, sneering and mysterious. Morrow’s growling vocals and driving guitar, Sawoscinski’s pounding crashing percussion and Oppitz’s thumping running basslines weave a dark cloud that you want to get lost in.

Also, check out Kelly’s pictures from our Album Release Show.

From The 780.00s, October 13, 2009